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Our children deserve the best in education. All of our schools, Salt Lake Elementary, Aliamanu Elementary, Moanalua Middle, Aliamanu Intermediate, Moanalua High and Radford High, should provide our children with the best teachers to inspire our students, the best educational resources including technology, and the best learning environment to make them feel safe. Investing in our children is an investment in the future and we are all committed to making sure that our students and schools are successful. But such investment and commitment cannot happen without proper resources, and current funding levels are threatening to undermine the quality of education for our keiki.

I will work for:
•Funding to improve our school facilities, educational resources, and access to technology, which we are currently not receiving
•Quality educators and staff, along with competitive salaries and benefits to recruit and retain them
•Early childhood education and adult education programs to keep education open to people of all ages and backgrounds
•School-community partnerships to foster educational enrichment

Our state is facing a tough economic situation, with many people worrying about how they can afford to keep their homes and care for their families. We need new ideas and fresh perspectives to find ways to balance our state budget. I believe that recovery and prosperity are within our reach, as long as we remain focused on long term economic growth and investing in our future.


I will work for:
•Diversified economic programs that invest in our future and bring new, innovative jobs to Hawaii
•Public-private partnerships to develop new areas for economic growth
•Cutting wasteful spending and fighting for effective programs that invest in our future
•Identifying state resources that can generate new revenue to pay for essential services and infrastructure needs

Health Care
Quality health care should be affordable and accessible to all. Our community is home to some of the finest hospitals and clinics in the State and people come to Moanalua and Salt Lake to receive quality care from trusted professionals. We too should be able to benefit from the top-notch health care available right down the street.


I will work for:
•Improved access to qualified health care professionals, and affordable health insurance premiums so we can utilize available health care resources
•Ensuring that health care decisions are made by patients and their physicians by
requiring health insurance companies to truly cover our medical needs and expenses
•Expansion of critical services provided by Medicare and Medicaid
•Funding of community programs and groups that provide medical support services and health education

We are truly fortunate to live in Hawaii. We are surrounded by natural beauty and bountiful resources. Our environment provides ample and under-utilized opportunities for sustainable agriculture and renewable energy sources. Future generations deserve to enjoy the same Hawaii that we do without the burden of oil costs to ship food from outside the State and to power their daily lives.

I will work for:
•Incentives for local farmers to expand current agricultural businesses and attract new investment to ensure that more local produce and other food products are available in Hawaii’s stores.
•Research and expansion of renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar, hydrogen, and hydroelectric power to decrease Hawaii's dependence on oil and other fossil fuels fromoutside the State
•Smart community growth that ensures that essential services are retained
•Balanced development that includes infrastructure improvements in traffic, sewer, green spaces, and neighborhood schools
•Conservation of park and preservation areas

Crime/Public Safety
We deserve a safe community to call home. Property crime and vandalism are on the rise, and heavy traffic through our neighborhoods poses a serious risk to pedestrians including seniors and school children. We must work as a community to make our streets safer, for the benefit of our families and neighbors.


I will work for:
•Increasing support for neighborhood watch groups and organizing graffiti-and litter-cleanup campaigns
•Coordinating with HPD to focus police presence in high-traffic corridors and high-crime areas, and to partner with area schools to reinforce anti-drug and crime education
•Pedestrian and driver safety, through community awareness programs, increasing feedback signs to reduce speeding, and keeping roads and parks properly lit and well maintained